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What is Structured Data and Schema in SEO

Hello Readers,  It's been a while since my last blog, but As I have been in the SEO industry for past 3 years so I wanted to share something about Search Engine Optimization. Lets talk about the Schema. Schema is one of the most typical thing which irritates many of us while optimizing the website. You can also say it a nightmare, but let us understand it the easier way. Suppose you need a job a very good company, say XYZ Infotech, you have awesome grades, big knowledge of Codes and several things you need to grab that big opportunity. But company asks  reference from someone they can trust about your experience and knowledge. So you get letter of recommendation from some reputed person, which helped to land your dream job sucessfully. So here does the same job for your website. From you find some beautiful codes regarding your  business which helps Google know about your business nature, your address, reviews, services, work timing, and
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Enhance Your Memory With Method Of Loci aka Mind Palace

Mind Palace a word I have heard many times, yes before I saw Sherlock Holmes, and I never knew that I was using that one too. But the day I started watching Sherlock Holmes, I wanted to know more about it, and every post on every website was making me crazy to know more. Coz' I write one article in one or two weeks or sometime in months, so wanted something different, which I really wanted everyone to know about. So I chose Mind Palace, So let's begin with what I discovered till now and what I wanted to tell everyone. The Mind Palace If you reading this article, either you already now much about Mind Palace or you are curious to know what is it, and where is it. Or may be you might be thinking that you missed something very important if you haven't watched Sherlock Holmes. Well yes if you haven't watched Sherlock Holmes, you must watch it. Ok, coming back to the topic, Mind Palace. Enter the Mind Palace Mind Palace is a beautiful technique of remembering th

Everything About Windows 10 Update

Every Windows user is curious about the latest Windows 10 update , but here is something you must know about this update. So here in this article I will tell you Everything About Windows 10 Update. Read carefully there are many surprises for all of you. Everything About Windows 10 Update Also Read: A Bang new Answer to Google, Bing and Yahoo More about Windows 10: Well the first thing that we all need to understand is that Windows 10 is not free at all. Which means if you are an #WindowsXP user, or if you have cracked your windows to work for you, what we say a "FAKE" windows installed on your PC, you have to buy it. Windows has not revealed the price yet but, you might need to cut $499 almost for Windows 10. But those who are using Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can upgrade to Windows 10. But this is not straight as it seems. Microsoft has said you can have have this free upgrade only for 1 Year.  And one more thing the Tot

Here Comes the Bang!! Duck-Duck-Go

" DuckDuckGo " , may you have heard about it, if you have not, then its time to hear the Duck. But this Duck has nothing to do with Donald Duck from Disney Land. Not even it's like I have got a duck in my house and I am loving it . No i have not got any Duck. And not even I am asking you to "DUCK".  I am talking about a revolutionary new Search Engine, who is a real competitor to Google. there were days when we had no other option except for Google. Yeah many other tried to make a mark on our PC. There were BING, YAHOO!, and is there any other name you can tell me. Yeah Sorry my Russian Friends I forgot to mention your only Yandex, and Baidu for my Chinese friends. But there no such replacement for Google . But here is one best alternative to this big G of our PC.  #Bang with DuckDuckGo!! The title says "Here comes the Bang ", and you must be assuming that this search engine is a super bang or bomb or may be i am exaggerating about i

Windows 10 is for FREE!!! WHY?

The good news for all windows users, specially who loved Windows OS. Yep Windows 10 will be distributed free. And on the 29th of July , everyone using the Windows 8.1 phone or PC with ORIGINAL WINDOWS 7, 8 or 8.1, will be able to transform his machine into a brand new bombshell. And not just this, after windows 10, Microsoft will stop manufacturing any OS like this. Windows 10 Since the arrival of Windows phone, Microsoft has started giving free up-gradation to its OS on it's almost devices, the only condition is your handset must be compatible. Windows 10 Many of us might have already tried the beta version on their phones and many of us have also tried on their PC's. And also we got a mixed bag of reviews. Some liked a lot the new transitions and the rest reported the bugs in the OS. Yes it was because the version was in Beta Mode, with a lot of bugs. :) If Its in Beta Mode (trail mode), why is out, before bringing out the stable version? Well we all

Time Travel : My Concept and Theory

Few weeks back i was chatting to a "Random guy" on internet on some random website. And he said that he wants to work on "Time Machine", with some negative energy, he can go back in time. And practically this is completely impossible. But if we do  some google, we might find some proofs of time travel, as pictures and videos, which might be edited, no big deal. And many scientists around the woorld are working on it. Yeah, some says NASA is working or developed and some says, Swiss army is using it from years back. This all started during world war 2, when America and Germany scientists wanted their way to win the battle. Even some say that Hitler was so close to this, With some Alien Tech. But America ruined his plans, also Hitler didn't trust everyone. So he also kept killing his own team. But what if some one really create a Time Machine??? Well if we study the notes from the great Scientist of the century Stephen Hawkins, we may conclude that this

Now Get Your Domain From Google

Google Domains The king of search engine is now going to expand its arms in the field of Domains, yeah with Google you can also search and own your favorite domain name with Google itself. But this site is under beta version, which mean right now you wont be able to buy your domain. Only people who have got special invitation from Google will be able to buy the domain. If you want the SPECIAL INVITATION, just fill a small form on google page. Try your luck and get the special invitation to buy domain from Google. To check out more just visit Google Domain .