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Here Comes the Bang!! Duck-Duck-Go

"DuckDuckGo", may you have heard about it, if you have not, then its time to hear the Duck. But this Duck has nothing to do with Donald Duck from Disney Land. Not even it's like I have got a duck in my house and I am loving it. No i have not got any Duck. And not even I am asking you to "DUCK". 
gomsi techy: Duckduckgo
I am talking about a revolutionary new Search Engine, who is a real competitor to Google. there were days when we had no other option except for Google. Yeah many other tried to make a mark on our PC. There were BING, YAHOO!, and is there any other name you can tell me. Yeah Sorry my Russian Friends I forgot to mention your only Yandex, and Baidu for my Chinese friends. But there no such replacement for Google.
But here is one best alternative to this big G of our PC. 

#Bang with DuckDuckGo!!

The title says "Here comes the Bang", and you must be assuming that this search engine is a super bang or bomb or may be i am exaggerating about it. No, But may be you all are right in many ways. This Search Engine is really Super Bang, specially its SERP the Search Engine Result Page.
Gomsi-Techy: DuckDuckGo SERP

When ever you search something, it automatically checks weather its a Question or you are looking for an app or even you are searching for live weather forecast for your city. Every result is purely defined, and this is the only reason why Google is showing so many new changes in its result page.

Windows was never free so do Windows 10 is not free, Check out more here.

Is that Bang ?

Well Bang is the feature which has been added to very recently. And this is very different from what we were dong till now on Google. Till now if we want to search something on google we need to search that, then plenty of results, choose your one...from the Crap.
Duckduckgo has changed the game. It has introduced BANGS, here we have many categories. On the Bang Page, you will see many small strings or words with the help of which you will easily find the right thing for you, weather its a song or video oe news or say anything... it has nearly 6219 categories and still growing. what else are you looking for.
Gomsi-Techy: DuckDuckBang

They are making web a bit easy, yeah in starting it will be difficult for us as Facebook, Twitter (it is still an issue for many). But someone has stepped forward to make the web simpler with some strings.
And the best part, you can include your own Bangs! Like you want to add data from your Univ or College, you can create the bang here. All you need is that you must know some languages mentioned in its list. So for all developers I request, please participate in bringing the new Internet to the world.
They allow you to Hack it, yes I really mean it. Hack it now.

Other Kool stuff on

Yeah DuckDuckGo is hell Kool man. you know what, everytime we make some searches on Google, it stores our results our history, what are we looking for, from where we are looking for, what is my username, my passwords everything.
DuckDuckGo believes in complete Internet privacy. We are not followed anymore, so it wont show according to our searches but it will always show What Is Best Now!!


Have you ever tried finding a particular question, and Google proudly shows 1 billion results in 1.76 seconds. But luckily none of use. DuckDuckGo has come up with a unique solution for that. They will sense the querry and will show the results according to that. But thats still in Beta phase, many developers are working on it. If you have some good knowledge of some some kool languages then you can easily Hack this Duck.


Besides all this they are working on that cool stuff which are in their labs, like Maps. Yes, Google Maps, some Bing Maps, and confusing Apple maps, but soon we will be using some new maps from DuckDuckGo, don't know what will they call it. But I am sure when we will be following Duck maps, it would not be tracking us back.

Yes the list has just started, and this just the beginning of a new era of Internet. But if you have just came to know about the new Duck in the town, then you should try these kool searches on Google, Bing and Duck.
  • Weather
  • Shoes
  • my IP
  • Calories in egg (or what ever you are eating now)
  • Batman App (or any app)
  • Alarm App iphone/android/windows(beta) 

Well there are some kool suggestions I found on DuckDuckGo. It might not be up-to-mark as Google is (bing totally failed). But Guys if you have searched these strings then you might be also have started falling love with this intelligent Duck. Well I know you need a screenshot :)
Gomsi-Techy: DuckDuckBang- Answers

I will keep you updated. If you liked this, or you want to know more about anything, please let me know.
Well have you ever fantasied Time Travel?
Till then Have safe Internet time.

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