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Windows 10 is for FREE!!! WHY?

The good news for all windows users, specially who loved Windows OS. Yep Windows 10 will be distributed free. And on the 29th of July, everyone using the Windows 8.1 phone or PC with ORIGINAL WINDOWS 7, 8 or 8.1, will be able to transform his machine into a brand new bombshell. And not just this, after windows 10, Microsoft will stop manufacturing any OS like this.
Gomsi-Techy-Windows 10 preview
Windows 10
Since the arrival of Windows phone, Microsoft has started giving free up-gradation to its OS on it's almost devices, the only condition is your handset must be compatible.
Gomsi-Techy-Windows 10 phone preview
Windows 10
Many of us might have already tried the beta version on their phones and many of us have also tried on their PC's. And also we got a mixed bag of reviews. Some liked a lot the new transitions and the rest reported the bugs in the OS. Yes it was because the version was in Beta Mode, with a lot of bugs. :)

If Its in Beta Mode (trail mode), why is out, before bringing out the stable version?

Well we all know, beta mode means the version available is not stable, and the the software manufacturer of that particular OS or software are not completely satisfied, with the the outcome. and now they are running a lot of tests to find if it needs  some improvement. And you know what to test a software or an OS you need not to be an expert, all you need is the love or more specifically interest in that particular OS or Software or any app. And you know the basic reason and the most specific answer to reason why companies let their product out in the market before the complete version is out, is that, there are a billions of users out there who want to use the OS before its actually available to the masses. And everyone uses every software in a particular different way, so what a billion can do is not possible inside the lab, with 100 or 200 developers. So, I guess everyone reading this blog must be proud of themselves, as they are helping the giants to make their version much better for all. And yes if you keep finding bugs, you will be the one who will get a mail for new version and you will be specially invited to check the new version, (like i have many invites from Google.:))

That's OK, it's in Beta and blah-blah, but why is Windows 10 is for free??

Good Question indeed. The reason for bringing Windows 10 is the competition it's getting from the newbies in the market. Chrome OS is here, always free. Android OS always free and upgradeable (well conditions apply). Even the most costliest phone maker in the market Apple, gives away free updates to its iOS phones and Mac Machines. And now Ubuntu the Linux distro is now getting very famous these days. And you know Linux was and will be always free, and more even it is also coming to smartphone platform. Yup, again free, forever.
So from these deductions, and with the release of many android phones, which lead to the reduction of windows users, and increasing in number with fake Windows users, Microsoft is left with no other option except for launching it free to everyone.
Yes Windows 10 is free but not Open Source. May be soon, it will be because soon iOS will be open source. may be with a release of iOS9, we might see some new announcements soooon.

Its not the End...

Still i have lot more to share with whats new in the market, stay tuned, and enjoy technology, with Gomsi-Techy.

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