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What is Structured Data and Schema in SEO

Hello Readers, 

It's been a while since my last blog, but As I have been in the SEO industry for past 3 years so I wanted to share something about Search Engine Optimization. Lets talk about the Schema.
Schema is one of the most typical thing which irritates many of us while optimizing the website. You can also say it a nightmare, but let us understand it the easier way.

Structured Data & Schema - Gomsi-Techy

Suppose you need a job a very good company, say XYZ Infotech, you have awesome grades, big knowledge of Codes and several things you need to grab that big opportunity. But company asks  reference from someone they can trust about your experience and knowledge. So you get letter of recommendation from some reputed person, which helped to land your dream job sucessfully.

So here does the same job for your website. From you find some beautiful codes regarding your  business which helps Google know about your business nature, your address, reviews, services, work timing, and so many other things which you want Google to know about your business website. This data helps google to find and filter data according to the searches made by the user on Google search page.

Here the data can be used for searches related to local searches. This data also helps Google in giving more accurate searches when it comes to review and ratings, Author, business type, work timings, Offers, Books, Product and description.

What is Structured Data?

Understanding Schema - Gomsi-Techy

In simple words Schema is code snippet which you can add to your website, it helps Search Engine to return more informational data to the user. Search Engines also uses this data to give you data rich data snippets, check this out.
Apple - Rich Data Snippet  - Gomsi-Techy

Google started rich data snippets back in 2009, but in 2012 Google made this code public, so that the developers can integrate the rich data to their website and can help Google to make website more user as well Google friendly.

Is Schema really helpful?

In one word, "Yes", and yes many websites are using it their code. Here are many websites you have been using for so long but never knew that the code that helping you to choose better product is because of Schema or Structured Data.
More specifically the e-commerce websites, blogging websites, local business, actually all those websites you know, even Facebook is using Schema on their page.

So I don't know who is your competitor website, but do check for the schema or structured data on their pages. If they are using, then you will know which Schema can you can use on your website, if no, then dig deep into schema, you will get a code for your need. All you need is a developer to add them to the website. You can also ask me, if you want me to figure that out for your business, just tell me the nature of the business, I will tell you the basic schemas' you can add to the website.

You want to check the schema added to the competitor website. Check them here.

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