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Everything About Windows 10 Update

Every Windows user is curious about the latest Windows 10 update, but here is something you must know about this update. So here in this article I will tell you Everything About Windows 10 Update. Read carefully there are many surprises for all of you.
Gomsi-Techy- Everything About Windows 10 Update
Everything About Windows 10 Update

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More about Windows 10:

Well the first thing that we all need to understand is that Windows 10 is not free at all. Which means if you are an #WindowsXP user, or if you have cracked your windows to work for you, what we say a "FAKE" windows installed on your PC, you have to buy it. Windows has not revealed the price yet but, you might need to cut $499 almost for Windows 10.
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10- not for Sale
But those who are using Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can upgrade to Windows 10. But this is not straight as it seems. Microsoft has said you can have have this free upgrade only for 1 Year. 
And one more thing the Total size of Windows 10 for PC is 3.8GB. but that not you get a download link from the website, thats an upgrade. and there is a bulgy procedure. You need to apply for upgrade, then you will get a download link, an icon will appear on your task bar, now when ever there will be an upgrade you need to download that manually, and install it.
But there are a loads of versions of Windows 7 and 8 to know what you will get after Windows 10 upgrade that will be different from user to user. But here is a basic chart for your help it might help.
Gomsi-Techy: know your windows 10

 Cortana:  People who are already using will have started loving her. She is intelligent and bit Coded very smart. Cortana will be a default application in windows 10.
In PC, she will be at the start button, She will be in your new Browser. She will be monitoring you more than before. So here is much threat to our "Privacy".
But Microsoft says that they will not be using our data for their own use, like Google does. So there will not be any ads regarding your interests or your location or activity. But it's just written some where on their, Specification page. But we are never sure what's going on under the hood. 

Coming back to Cortana, again in first phase She will be available only in USA, UK, China, France, Germany and Spain. I think the developer working on this project are from these countries only. 

HOLA!! The New & Next Windows 10:

Well if we have to believe Microsoft then by now there are already more million users of Windows 10 Beta program. People are using it on their PC, Tabs and Phones, and you might get reviews from many on YouTube. But I have told you some things about Windows 10 like Cortana and it's Upgrade, but still there is lot more:
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10 Edge BrowserSparta, the name sound kool isn't it? For last few years (may be more or less) Microsoft was working on a secret Project code name "SPARTA". (I think Bill Gates has watched 300 movie 300 times.) Well it was the name suggested for its new upcoming browser. But now when the project is over Microsoft claims that it has an Edge over rest of the browsers. So they named or renamed it to Edge Browser. 
Its more user friendly than all the browsers, loaded with kool tabs and many features, like you can use make a report or cut a snap directly from the browser and attach to the mail or save to your PC or Tablet. And its the first Browser which comes ready for the Tablets. Specially designed for Touch Screen interface. So what ever you ever wanted to do from from a touch PC or a tab, you can do with the help of Sparta. Sorry!! I mean  Edge, Edge Browser.

Games, we all windows users are epic fan of Solitaire, Minesweeper and Hearts. We always challenge our mates to break our record. Well Microsoft will remove all these games from your PC. And in place of that there will be new Microsoft Solitaire Collection and "Microsoft MineSweeper".
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10 Minesweeper

 I haven't yet played these games but Microsoft has already added these games to Xbox Account on Windows Phone. I hope the high scores made by us on our PC does not gets removed that will be painful. :}

OneDrive, no more OneDrive app will be in the latest Windows 10, but it will be replaced by some INBOX version of OneDrive. Much data is not available about it. Will give you more update as it is available.

User Accounts: We all are using one master account and other guest accounts on Windows PC.
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10 User Accounts
This will be continued to new Gen, but with a twist. You can create most up to 5 user accounts, all will be logged in with only windows id. So for all users their apps and settings will be loaded. So if you have a Windows 10 PC at home and a windows phone with every one in your family, so what ever you were doing on your Windows Phone you can continue it on Windows PC, Well thats a Kool feature!! So PC will be personal again, with your own credentials. 

Windows Halo: Here is one more thing added to Windows 10, Windows Halo. Halo is additional security feature added to Windows 10 PC and mobile may be. Halo will be requiring a sexy infrared camera for face detection or your iris reader or detection which will read your eyes for secure log in. And if there is a thumb reader or Biometric sensor on your PC, then you can also enable it using Halo for Secure Log In. 
Not just this, using Halo you can have a 2-Step verification method for login. but if you don't have a sexy camera installed over your PC or no biometric sensor, then you can also enable your it using your Smart phone with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

Apps: We all scream for Apps on Windows Store. Well here is Good news according to a leak news on BGR, We might be using the "Re-Worked" Android apps on our Windows 10 devices. So thats kinda good news for windows lovers who were thinking to migrate over to Android phone just for a couple of apps. 
Gomsi-Techy: Windows 10 Phone

More on Windows Phone:Except for the updated mentioned above, few things will be added to Windows phone like add image to background, more color options for tiles, transparent tiles, all toggle tools in the scroll down menu. 
If now you are feeling like you want a Windows 10 Upgrade before it gets paid you can click here.

That's all for this till now, be informed, be in touch know more, just hit the Google+ Follow button.

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