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Time Travel : My Concept and Theory

Few weeks back i was chatting to a "Random guy" on internet on some random website. And he said that he wants to work on "Time Machine", with some negative energy, he can go back in time. And practically this is completely impossible. But if we do  some google, we might find some proofs of time travel, as pictures and videos, which might be edited, no big deal. And many scientists around the woorld are working on it. Yeah, some says NASA is working or developed and some says, Swiss army is using it from years back.

Time Travel - Gomsi-Techy

This all started during world war 2, when America and Germany scientists wanted their way to win the battle. Even some say that Hitler was so close to this, With some Alien Tech. But America ruined his plans, also Hitler didn't trust everyone. So he also kept killing his own team.

But what if some one really create a Time Machine???

Well if we study the notes from the great Scientist of the century Stephen Hawkins, we may conclude that this isn't going to effect anything. Even if we refer to Indian Purans, it's clearly mentioned, that Energy never dies. And we go in  dimensional world, and our energy is either there or moved in some other dimension.That's why we some time feel, the presence of someone or something in a perticullar place, specialy when its not been occupied by anyone or anything for a long time. And the longer aa thing remains in one place the stronger is the energy. 
Lets take an example to clear this: You live with someone for a long time, and what if that thing gets broken, or the person has moved from your place, in his presence you still feel "I have this person or thing", this not because you are emotionally attached this is because, your brain keeps receiving energy signals around you. And this is the reason why sometimes you feels someone following you, or when you are playing hide and seek, your brain signals you where to go. But this doesn't not happens exactly, if we are playing in our house, coz' when we are kids, our energy is in every room and every corner of our house.
Coming back to the topic of Time Machine or time Travel, I really think it wont matter  because, the time machine cannot recreate the energy or dead energy when its already occupied by more stronger energy resource. And if it created, its just energy, which can be just felt, but cant be touched. So going forward in future is completely impossible. Coz' we need to create somthing so that we can touch that or feel that. 
Otherwise that will be just an assumption what can happen, and this can be be calculated only with the help of Calculus or Probability. 

In any one has any doubt regarding any proof, before asking me ask your self, is it a movie scene or "Photoshoped". You might get an answer.

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