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Enhance Your Memory With Method Of Loci aka Mind Palace

Mind Palace a word I have heard many times, yes before I saw Sherlock Holmes, and I never knew that I was using that one too. But the day I started watching Sherlock Holmes, I wanted to know more about it, and every post on every website was making me crazy to know more. Coz' I write one article in one or two weeks or sometime in months, so wanted something different, which I really wanted everyone to know about. So I chose Mind Palace, So let's begin with what I discovered till now and what I wanted to tell everyone.

The Mind Palace

If you reading this article, either you already now much about Mind Palace or you are curious to know what is it, and where is it. Or may be you might be thinking that you missed something very important if you haven't watched Sherlock Holmes. Well yes if you haven't watched Sherlock Holmes, you must watch it. Ok, coming back to the topic, Mind Palace.

Enter the Mind Palace

Mind Palace is a beautiful technique of remembering the everything you want to. Yes believe me when I say "Everything" it mean "EVERYTHING" or literally anything. We never knew that we are using the Mind Palace Technique to store some or other information. In Mind Palace Technique, to store some information or data we refer to some other data. Mind Palace is much like a real place, it could be your home, your room, your school or classroom or even your tree house or any hideout to which you are very much familiar.
So starting from your room, you know and remember where is your phone charger, where is your laptop bag or your hand bag. Everything is on your tips, even in the dark you can find your belongings. In Mind Palace, coz its your own place inside your brain you can also have any thing any where and you can also add your dog or cat to your Mind Palace.

How To Build A Mind Palace

Building mind palace would might seems like a bit tough in starting, but believe me we all have been building mind palace for a long period of time. And we had no idea of that. 
Ok before we start building our mind palace I want to ask you one thing. Has it ever happened to you that you came back to town after a long period of time, and then you see a tree in the middle of the park, and then some memories come to your mind related to that bench, like you used to hide your toys when being kids, or time you spent with your loved ones, and then many things surrounded to that particular place. That is your Mind Palace. These all memories that makes you cautious of something or triggers a particular incident is due to some memories in our mind.

Well lets start putting this Method Of Loci in our daily life.
We all have one favorite route or we always follow and we remember every detail of that route. This could be the route to your home from your work, school or college. Or it could your home or more better your room. Choosing home is an easy thing as you already know, about every thing and every room in your home.

Now as you enter your house there is place to hang your clothes. And in your room there could be a table, a bed, space below bed or your cupboard, all these places are known to you. You need to remember all these things so well like if you can recreate all these things in your mind so efficiently that you can go there mentally anytime..

Now assign all of the places some information. In starting keep these information small and limited. As with practice and time you can master this art. But do make a schedule to have a separate alone time when you can concentrate, focus and visit the mind palace. So that you remember where is exact thing, you don't have to run back and forth looking for the memory location. (Because it has happened to me).

Is Mind Palace Complex?

Yeah Mind Palace is complex and it should be complex. Once you start associating Memories with your Mind Palace, it will go insane and super complex, that's why I said above visit your palace daily. And if you do that in peace, you will be able to concentrate better.

Let's go with an example, lets say you want to remember your subjects, so make a file holder in your mind. My method of remembering something is keeping every fact in mind. Now in the file placed in your mind, you need to note down there. You can have different colors or codes for every subject. But as I said earlier, I am saying again, "Keep Vising Your Mid Palace Everyday". This makes you remember every little detail. And guess What you can use this file as an invisible cheat book for the exams.

How To Use Mind Palace

Yeah, I know you might be thinking "Is Mind Palace is only for Exams and students?" The answer is "NO". You can use it remember path to your friends home, or a recipe, passwords to your different Email id's Birthdays or any important day. More over if you are working in a hotel you can use the Mind Palace technique to remember which order has come from which, and even more you can remember which person has ordered wine and which one has ordered juice.

Did I mentioned, that your mind palace is like your own cloud with all your data placed secure, which no can access, and you can store any type of data whether it is text, image, audio or video. And you can set to trigger some memories with some special image or sound or text, like your wife's birthday. (Only problem is that the print out of these memories placed in your Mind Palace is near to impossible)

One last and very important thing related to Mind Palace, "Visit Your Mind Palace Daily" otherwise...

Mind Palace Not Found - Gomsi-Techy blog

If you like this article please let me know in the comments below. Your comments are a kind of boosters for my next blog. Also in your comments please let me know if you want me to cover something new and unusual, more of a techy.


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