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Is Incognito mode browsing safe??

Is "Internet" tracking Us!!

What ever you type on Google or internet every word is scanned, even in incognito mode. And you cant just blame Google, whole internet marketing is based on this tracking. What we need is just to search on internet and our searches are saved to our some "abc34234u788ynhn66555" profile code. And to the profile code is linked to our IP address and Machine address, yeah our machine do has some number which we cant change. So according to that Internet serves our "food" or what ever you call it.

Ok let us understand it with a very simple and real example. Nowadays most of us have some websites or online web-portals. And 99% of us start with "". If you never have tried,  search for any one web address which has lowest rates, and keep checking its price and similar address for almost 3-4 days, on the forth or fifth day the price will be higher of the the web address you really want. And Godaddy says many people are searching for this and suddenly we have to raise the price. Ohh... what to do now!!??
Wait for 3-4 or more days don't make a single search on this site, you will see the prices as low as before. so moral of this short story is that you area traced 24 hours what ever you are searching. Similarly you might have also herd about some life insurance policies you bought that for 2grands and your friend got the same for 1Grand (say) or you friend got the same policy at much lesser price than you. why??? how did this happened?? Simple answer, Your Profile which has all data what do you need, when do you need, and do you really need that or just doing some timepass. They just need to sell product and you need the service or product.
The Internet thing is going terrible.

Surf Safe With Incognito Mode or Private Browsing:

So keep us out of this terrible thing, here is Incognito Mode or so called Private Browsing mode. Earlier this mode was designed to keep us secure while online banking thing so that even accidantly  no data gets saved on the local machine. So it's helpful in two ways, first if we are browsing somthing or checking your mails on any other system except for your and want to avoid the password remembering thing and all the creepy "peeping" into our online profile, just switch on "Incognito" mode or "Private Browsing" mode.

But now with Incognito mode new problem has been raised. Google still knows what we search, its peeping into our pages. This was limit. but guys now web browsers are also saving our data. Everything, and by everything, I really mean EVERYTHING. Google gives its own home made candy "CHROME" and from the house of Mozilla we have "FIREFOX" or you might have Apple's "SAFARI", now with private browsing mode. I don't count IE  in the list of browsers, so no questions regarding that. but guys they al,save data, yeah provide much safe browsing on your "local machine".
There are apps like Adblocker and many other which increases online security. But while incognito mode all such adblocker or third party cookies blocker or tracker blocker become inactive. Now?????
I am a tech geek kindda boy and this blog is also dedicated to techy things. So to provide you a better solution, to save you everywhere no external apps required, and if I say You can even browse safely without ads. I found a very sexy made-in -India web browser, "EPIC".

I has a lot of features like its Indian, well it also blocks ads, cookies saves almost no data. I didn't found any history tab, and the most schoking thing about this browser, It even does not have incognito mode.
Soon i will roll out the full review of this intelligent browser.
Till then safe the web Securely and sssshhhhhhhh....... you are still traced.

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