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The War of Technology: The Micro-Processors

Everyday a new Smart phone is launched, which has been packed with so called a latest processors. Dual core, Quad core, Hexa Core, and there are also Octa core processors. But when we go for buying a phone we mess up between a dual core and most of the quad core phones. The thing that surprises me the most is that the PC I use is running on Intel's dual core processor and my smarty Smart Phone is running on a Quad core processor. But my PC never hangs but my phone many times messes up with me. It might have also happened with you. Ever thought why it happens.

Well the the reason lies in the architecture of the processor. When a MicroProcessor is designed it is decided how many programs it should run without heating up. In earlier days the processors were made
To run and manage the current running apps, but nothing to do with the idle apps and softwares. But now the the thing which adds smartness to our smart phones makes really smart has been made smart. The processors are smart enough to decide which app will run and which app should stop working which also adds up to the battery life of your SmartPhone.

If I try to list some good makers I will rank Intel on number 1. It does a lot of R&D in ts labs which not just makes your phone smart but tending to make your life also smarter. Then with special conditions I will ask you to go for AMD, get it in your PC if you can arrange an extra cooler go for it or better if there is an AC in your room or office. Now Qualcom is also trying to enter the Business of Processors for PC with its Sapdragon-800 series. And if you are looking for a best processor for your smarty smartphone start counting from Qualcom, coz its also doing a lot of R&D on its products. Intel is also there, but I dont know why its not introducing its Atom series for smartphones. But these two add upto the cost of you big SMARTPHONE. Now for budget smartphone we have our most loved and widely accepted by giants like Samsung, huawai and Panasonic in the smartphones, its Mediatek. Yeah this chines guy is also doing better and you can also count on it. It has also officially launched its Octa-Core Processor with a speed of 2Ghz, but its only for smartphones, unlike Intel's Atom and Qlaucom's S800 it cant be used in PC.  But yes, as a processor for your smarty smartphone, you can still count on this new kid in the market.

Now here are some giants like Samsung and Apple who use their own special Processors. Samsung is using Exynos processor which is designed by Qualcom according to the requirements. And many of you might also be using Samsung S3/4/5, these special kids use Exynos microprocessor chip, specially designed by Smart engineers of Samsung, to improve the user's experience. And this really helped to increase its market share. Here is one more giant which makes its own special processors for increasing the users experience, none other than Apple, it is makes its own processor for its iPhone and iPads. But when it comes to PC and Laptops, Apple is still realizes on Intel Chips.

But the story of Microprocessor is not just limited to Smartphones, tablets and Laptops, this  technology has reached in our washrooms and kitchens and also used in our automobiles. They have become an integral part our sacred lived. We cant imagine our life without Washing Machines, Microwave, Handy-cams, AC  and refrigerators and even in our LCD/LED TV's. And you might have also herd about the Bravia engine in Sony's tv ad and Vierra Engine in Panasonic tv ad. Guyz, Sony also uses its own special engine(microprocessor) which are specially designed to improve the way you watch TV, and this engine is also used in Cameras by Sony.

Not just entertainment these small-small chips have also been proved as a small life saving chips. In  many major life saving operations and in the making of many life saving drugs, we should be really very thankful to this chip. And I really believe the man who ever coined the idea of making this supper Chip, should be given the Nobel prize and all the great prizes of the planet earth. Coz' I believe after the invention of fire and tyre, these small-small Microprocessor chips have really changed our way of life we live.

Well still much more has to come, I am just waiting for the scientist to invent a super fast Space Ship which will really open many dimensions for humans. And I just wish, in making our life smart, we don't leave the humanity in the corner.

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