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Nokia: The First And The Last Smart Phone Maker

There was a time when we use simple java phones. Nokia started making and telling us what a phone can do. Again it was Nokia who gave us the first Camera phone. From those days of 90's when Nokia introduced world's first camera phone, since then and now no one could have even touched its shadow. Nokia started making "buttons for Humans" and we started using phones more efficiently, and Nokia started "Connecting People".

Then came the era of smart phones. Nokia gave us Symbian the world's first OS for mobile phones. I didn't know about any other OS thing until Android was launched. When the first breed of android was growing Nokia had launched its smart phone with multitasking and great apps. Whats App the great app in smart phones was introduced to world by first Nokia
The feature that fascinated most towards Nokia was its interface, its UI. Each phone had its own UI although each was running on same Symbian platform, while on the other hand Samsung, HTC, Sony and Micromax and many other Android based smart phones have same UI and still they lack in performance and multitasking. 
After many decade world got his key-less smartphone not even a single button, but Nokia had launched world's first Smartphone without a single key in 2011, when we were using android with external keyboard and Apple was testing its iPhone3 and iPhone3s. It was none other than N9 worked on Nokia's most innovative OS MeeGo. This was made in collaboration of the makers of most secure operating system for PC's, The Linux. Google also paid some cash to Linux and asked them to make a good looking OS with which they actually wanted to challenge Windows. Yeah they also gave many tremors to Nokia also.

Now we all know that Nokia has been acquired by MS. MS has killed the original Nokia and working and trying to establish Lumia. It has got a big benchmark and big name still I don't think it can do the same magic as NOKIA did with its name and phones. And planning to change the name from Nokia to "Microsoft Mobility" or something like that.

The only reason I think for the downfall of Nokia as a smart phone with smart apps was because, it did not support many apps, as Android can. And the Hanging problem. Nokia needed to do a lot of improvements. But now, we have got a whole new breed of Smart phones with JOLLA. This smart phone has got the soul of Nokia, which MS don't have they only have the body.(LOL)

I am expecting too much from this newbie; JOLLA. tech specs are very fascinating. It gives you everything what you deserve from a smart phone, and all that with a all new Classy UI framed with a new OS named as Sailfish OS. This smart OS has been crafted out from the Nokia's MeeGo OS. Well let's see what more it has to surprise us. 

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